Basketball Court Schedule

Small Court

8 People

-$65 per hour.

-Minimum 1hr Booking.


-24 hour cancellation


Half Court

10 People

- $75 per hour.

- Minimum 2hr Booking.


- 24 hour cancellation notice.

Full Court

16 People

-$130 per hour.

-Minimum 2hr Booking.


-24 hour cancellation




- All bookings require a $50 nonrefundable deposit.

- All participants will be required to bring a piece of photo ID, which will be left at the front desk and returned on completion of booking.

- All participants will need to sign in on arrival, no entry otherwise.

- Earliest entry allowed is 15 minutes before booking, and all nonmembers will need to leave the facility within 15 minutes of your session completion.

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